Monday, July 28 — Presenters, Tom & Pat Cory


Couple Finds Common Ground in Photography

Tom and Pat Cory, as most couples, are alike in many ways.  Their differences, however, make them one of the most successful duos in professional photography.

Pat Cory admits she and Tom grew up differently. “I was from a farm and he grew up in a city,”  she explains.  The two love going to state parks and natural areas and found common ground there.  

When Tom was 11 years old he got his first camera.  He was photography editor of the yearbook at his college, William and Mary.  With a laugh, Pat says, “I had a Brownie camera and when I met Tom I’d probably taken 20 pictures in my whole life.”  She says it was partly Tom’s infectious love of photography and partly necessity that got her started in the art.  “I realized early on it was either carry his tripod or learn to take pictures,”  she jokes.  

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2013 Putnam County Fair; photograph by Ty Kernea

Saturday, August 2 — Putnam County Fair Photography Competition

Title banner photograph by Ty Kernea.  ©2013 Herald-Citizen; all rights reserved.
Putnam County Fair Event & Class Entry Book

The Cookeville Camera Club is proud to manage the Fair Photo Competition.  The public is invited to enter photographs in the annual fair competition, and both amateurs and professionals are welcome to submit pictures.

The following information is summarized from the 88th Putnam County Fair Book – Event and Class Entry Schedule.  It can be viewed and downloaded by visiting the fair website.  Also at the website, you will need to view and download the exhibitor entry form.  It has important information about entering your photographs!

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CCC Web-Jason Tucker

Monday, August 11 — Jason Tucker, “Underwater Photography”

Jason Tucker is a professional photographer from Nashville.  Visit his website at tuckerphotography.com, and you will see he earns his keep by taking wonderful portraits of babies, singles, and couples. He shoots in the studio and out & about.  Wherever, the lighting is exquisite.

What may not be obvious by looking at Jason’s website, unless you look carefully, he has a background in underwater photography, and this will be the topic he shares with the camera club.



Cookeville Department of Leisure Services

Photography Opportunities

Cookeville Leisure Services would like to extend a special invitation to members of the Cookeville Camera Club to help us document the exciting events and facilities here in our community. We would love the opportunity to share your photos on our website, in our monthly emails, in our bi-annual programs guide and in other online and print efforts aimed at informing our community of the spaces and events available through Leisure Services.

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