Cookeville Camera Club at Fall Funfest

Fall Funfest

Stop by at the Cookeville Camera Club booth at the Fall Funfest on September 5 and 6.  Learn about the club and pickup some gifts . . .  for yourself, friends, and family.  We will have photo note cards with envelopes that are perfect for sending special messages for any occasion.  You will also enjoy seeing larger prints showing spectacular scenery, local spots, and other subjects.  These, too, will be available for sale and are suitable for framing, or some may be ready to hang.

The Fall Funfest is one of our main opportunities to greet the public as a club and help raise funds for bringing professional photographers to town to present at our meetings, open to everyone.


Costa Rican Rain Forest

Monday, September 8 — Photo Contest

The September photo contest is all about images that include the atmospheric element of fog or mist, creating a sense of mystery.  A slideshow set to music will display the member-submitted entries. Following the show, the three top images in each category (Novice, Regular, and Master) will be revealed, along with the most favorite images as selected by the members.

Photo Critique Night is back!

Following the contest, the members will practice photo critiques in small groups.


The road that lead us here.

Monday, September 22 — Checking the Compass

1. Slideshow

Selected participant images from three “Introduction to dSLR Photography”.   For many, from zero to pretty darn good in 2-7 weeks.

2. Tech Topic

An educational topic or two will be presented.

3. Checking the Compass.

We have come a long way this year.  Have we arrived at a good place?   Where should next year’s road take us?  We will review what the club has done this year, and begin a discussion of what we want to do to more of . . . less of . . . or differently next year.  Results of a new member survey (coming soon to an email inbox near you) will guide our discussion.


Cookeville Department of Leisure Services

Photography Opportunities

Cookeville Leisure Services would like to extend a special invitation to members of the Cookeville Camera Club to help us document the exciting events and facilities here in our community. We would love the opportunity to share your photos on our website, in our monthly emails, in our bi-annual programs guide and in other online and print efforts aimed at informing our community of the spaces and events available through Leisure Services.

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