Monday, February 22 – Meeting ” Lenses and Drones “

Four CCC members will give presentations on lenses, macro lenses, drone photography, and compact light diffusion boxes and lights. Members, divided into four groups, will attend each presentation for 15-20 minutes, with time for Q&A. Presenters will be Helga Skinner, Bill Miller, Steven Kuss and Walt Carlson.

  • Helga Skinner-  Lens Baby, Macro snap on Lens
  • Bill Miller-  Lenses.
  • Steve Kuss–  Drone photography.
  • Walt Carlson –Compact light diffusion box and lights.

Our presentations will included the price of the equipment and examples of photography they have taken using the equipment. We will allow plenty of time for questions and answers.



Monday, March 28 — Speaker “David Johnston”

Nature’s Best

1622363_887416127964975_7557319355166877311_oDavid Johnston is a renowned landscape, adventure, and humanitarian photographer and educator from the beautiful state of Tennessee in the United States.

Photographing incredible light and rarely seen moments are what drives David to keep capturing nature at its best. When David is not shooting, he’s writing and teaching photography to the masses on his website and podcast called Photography Roundtable. It’s his passion for spreading the joy of photography that helps him continue to interview other professionals and deliver helpful tips for others to improve their skills.

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