Monday, August 10 — Speaker, Walt Carlson


It’s a small world after all. No one knows that better than Walt Carlson.

Carlson, a Cookeville resident and member of the Cookeville Camera Club, has found a way to help people understand what’s beneath their feet and in the tiniest of everyday things.

Walt & microscope
Walt with his camera attached to the microscope.

Growing up in Indiana, Carlson spent much of his life in the home furnishings business learning all aspects from manufacturing and marketing to sales and advertising. When he retired he and his wife Becky chose Cookeville as their new home due to the beauty and affordability of the area. The diversity of activities in the Cookeville area was an added bonus.

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Monday, August 24 — Speaker, Bill Campbell”

BMC-20141206-_1250785Expressing Your Photographic Creativity Without Software”.  “In this day and age of ‘Photoshop’ enhanced images, wouldn’t it be nice to say, ‘No, I captured this image with my camera!’   Come and learn ways to use the creativity built into your own camera and also how to use filters, shutter speeds, external lighting, zoom lenses and multiple exposures to create fine art with your camera before it is ever imported into image management software!”

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