Monday, October 11th – Meeting – Getty Photo Challenge

In early 2020 just after the world put a mask on, the Getty Museum introduced an idea to creative people all over the world. The idea was presented to schools, clubs, bloggers, and all sorts. Many took the guidance of the Getty Museum to recreate works of art in their own vision. The challenge was that of mimicking the great artists of the world. How, you say? Well, the challenge was to take a masterpiece such as, the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, and re-create it into your own version. This is done through art, crayons, drama, you name it, someone tried it.  Many chose to use photography to recreate the great masterpieces. For examples, Google ‘Images for Getty Museum Challenge’ . The point of the project is to study the masterpiece and then determine how it could be closely approximated through a photo.

Have fun with it! Get creative! We will present your efforts at this meeting. This is not a contest; just plain old fun. You should take a picture of the original images that you choose and then the next photo would be your recreation. We hope to see many examples. Visualize your surroundings with the great masterpieces in mind.  The list is endless and so are the possibilities. Some are serious efforts to duplicate as near as possible while others are a grand effort to cause laughter – the world’s best medicine.