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March 9 Black and White Print Contest


Novice Division


Cindy Lyons — 1st Place

Angie Leckington — 2nd Place

Helga Skinner — 3rd Place

Bettye Austin

Nico CearGeo

Kathy Krant

Mark Leckington

Larry Meyer

Michelle Wilkey

Eliseo Rios

Regular Division


BJ Hayes — 1st Place

Sandy Miller — 2nd Place

Michelle Honeycutt — 3rd Place

Walt Carlson

Connie Girolomo

Bruce Harrison

Steve Kuss

Ted LaBar

Don Peters

Master Division


Jo Ann Thrasher — 1st Place

Bill Miller — 2nd Place

Ron Baker — 3rd Place

Wanda Krack

Robert Melgar

Gary Moore

Steve Pasquale

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