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The contest for May is a print only contest.  You may enter two entries.  The prints can be back and white or color.  Please see rules as to the size your print can be for your class. You may enter a higher class but you may not go down to a class below yours. For this contest , we will have judges chosen from outside the club.

The Cookeville Camera Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville.  Visitors are always welcome.

MONDAY, APRIL 08 – Speaker: Bill Miller

The Grand Canyon — A View from the Colorado River

Unless you consider staying at a Holiday Inn rather than a Hyatt “roughing it”, you should consider adding a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon to your travel bucket list. For adventure travelers and photographers, it is an awe-inspiring trip for the senses as you literally journey through 1.8 billion years of the earth’s history, uncovered by relentless erosion.

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Capturing Darkness: Thoughts on Cave Photography

Chuck Sutherland will discuss his continuing journey as a cave photographer. Techniques, styles, and technology will be reviewed with special attention to subject matter. 

The Cookeville Camera Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville.  Visitors are always welcome.
Nyrstar’s Cumberland zinc mine, Smith County, Tennessee


Howard’s Waterfall Cave, Southeastern Cave Conservancy Preserve, Dade County, Georgia