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Monday, October 24, 2016

Annual elections:  Members will vote on a slate of candidates for board member and officer positions.  Your vote is important!

Mabry headshot
Shawn Mabry

Workshop/program:  Popular local photographer Shawn Mabry will lead a  workshop on portraiture.

model teal dress

model white dress“Introduction to Studio Lighting” will be a hands-on learning experience, so bring your camera and tripod.  Shawn will instruct us on some basic lighting techniques, and then let us try our hands photographing a live model.


The Cookeville Camera Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville.  Visitors are always welcome.

Monday, October 10 — Photo Essays

Members will share their images with the audience in the form of a “slideshow” that can be up to five minutes long.  One of our favorite meetings!

Members will introduce their essays, and discussion of the images will follow.  This is a wonderful opportunity to share and learn from other photographers!

The Cookeville Camera Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville.  Visitors are always welcome.

Making The Most of Entry Level Equipment

By Sheila Rich

Sheila Rich
Sheila Rich

I am a novice photographer and I enjoy being a member of the Cookeville Camera Club. I have learned a lot from other members who are eager to share their expertise.

Photography can be an expensive undertaking, be it as a hobby or a profession. For me it is a hobby and not an expensive one because I have an entry level DSL camera and no special lens. I feel challenged to take pictures that have unusual lighting, vivid colors, and contrasting textures and I find my camera to be quite adequate.

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Why Join a Camera Club?

By Tom Morack

photo of authorI’ve had a camera several years now. I sometimes haven’t touched it for several weeks at a time. Eventually, I realized my pictures all looked the same. I wanted to make my images look better, but I didn’t know how. What to do? I joined the Cookeville Camera Club earlier this year. The club meets monthly in Cookeville. The members have widely varied photography skills, from beginners to master photographers, so I fit right in. Everyone in the club is generous with their time and more than willing to answer questions from newcomers like me.

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Monday, July 25 — Speaker: Dusty Doddridge

Chasing the Light: The Art and Adventure of Wilderness Photography


dd_20110629_2085_master_1 Dusty brings a unique perspective to the world of wilderness photography that comes from his background in outdoor adventure, sports, and travel. He continues to be inspired by the work of many photographers past and present including David Muench, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe and artists working in different media. The landscape itself, especially wild areas are what inspire him most and photography provides a way to share some of that experience with others. His artistic vision involves photographing areas that are wild and beautiful while expressing the surreal nature of the landscape with a sense of mystery and adventure.

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Photograph What You Love

by Kathy Krant

headshotI first attended a meeting of the Cookeville Camera Club in 2013. Eagerness to meet new people with similar interests, and owning a digital camera that I never really got around to learning, were my motivations. From my first visit, I was encouraged to join classes and attend photo events with other members where we shared ideas and learned ways to improve our photographic skills.

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Exploring Nature Reveals Inner Photographer

TerriBy Terrie VanCuren

When I moved away from my family in south eastern Ohio, and came here to Tennessee I found this area to be the most beautiful and enchanting place. I wanted to share it with my friends and family back home, so I went out with my little camera and did my best to capture some of that beauty and send it back to them so they could see just why I fell in love with this area. I shared my photos with anyone and everyone. Over time folks started telling me that I had an eye for it or that I was able to show them something in a way they hadn’t seen before. It made me feel proud and I loved it so I just kept on.

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