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Friday September 9-10 “Fall Fun Fest”

images-6The Cookeville Fall FunFest is a two-day event that melds a national barbeque competition with a downtown street festival,They have music stages, excellent kid and family activities, great food,and an admirable crafts area.

The craft area is limited to one street and we will be at the end of it. We will be running a photo booth where we will be happy to make your family, group or individual photos for only $5! we will email you the finished product.Then pick out some of our note cards to send to your family and friends for special occasions. We have many  different types of images available,so you will be able to find the perfect card for any occasion.Our images range from local landmarks to flowers,landscapes,travel photos,humming birds, other animals and many more. Look for our sign!

Monday, September 12 — Photo Contest: “Storms”

A slideshow set to music will display the member-submitted entries. Following the show, the three top images in each category (Novice, Regular, and Master) will be revealed, along with the most favorite images as selected by the members.

We will also have a slide show with our “Then and Now ” images. Many of the club’s photographers went to work in conjunction with the Cookeville History Museum to reshoot photos from Cookeville of yesteryear. These images are displayed in the Cookeville History Museum’s current exhibit, ” Cookeville Then and Now.” In our slideshow, you will see Cookeville landmarks as they appeared decades ago and asIMGL0074-2-Edit-Edit-2 2 they appear todayArcade

Monday Aug 22 – Speaker “Larry Perry”

Click and Crop“An Evening with CLICK and CROP… Ron McConathy and Larry Perry

(Photos–the Antlers in Jar is mine and the Whirl is Ron’s!)Antlers jar--100 dpi

With these two very popular photographers/teachers you can never tell what  might happen or be discussed. Ron is a pro with portraits, travel landscapes and people and is known as the “CLICK” of the team. Larry is a pro with wildlife, abstracts, Photoshop and who knows what else and is known as the “CROP” of the team.!!! Between the two, who are sometimes opposite in their approach and often controversial, anything can happen.

This is one meeting you won’t want to miss. It features Ron McConathy and Larry Perry as “Click” and “Crop”. In their program they will answer many questions and show examples of good and questionable shots. In addition you
will see some of their outstanding and award winning work. You never know what to expect from these two as their programs are educational, entertaining, interesting, and very often controversial. Put this date on your calendars NOW

Experiencing these two in action is the way to end the summer and be inspired to begin the fall shooting season.This program will be one of the most talked about programs of the year. Be prepared for anything at this” MUST ATTEND” Meeting.

Monday Aug 8, – Meeting – Photo Exhibition

A slideshow set to music will display the member-submitted entries.Everyone displays their favorite two pieces, no restrictions .This  presents to all viewers the variety of talent, ideas, creativity and passion among us. We follow this with discussions on, how they composed their pictures,  what they decided to focus on, as well as telling us the story in the image. This can sometimes be very exciting and the slideshows are beautiful !

The Cookeville Camera Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville the second Monday evening. See our schedule on the website: Visitors are always welcome

Monday – June 27 Speaker – “Eric Hansen”

My color images are deeply personal storyboards, my connection to 21st century EricLHansenHeadShot_SmallTightCropre-modernist culture. I can’t remember a time when I was not drawing and painting. I was born in Staten Island, New York City, and went to grammar school in Bayside, Queens. My first toys were crayons, fat pencils, watercolors, tempera paints, and special papers. When I was 10, my grandmother gave me a camera. While I continue to draw and paint, I never stopped making photographs.

I earned a BFA degree from Newark College of the arts where I majored in studio art. For a long time I made photographs, almost all black and white. But I would also draw in charcoal out of some frustration that I couldn’t do with film what Picasso had done in Guernica. With color photography, I experienced a similar frustration relative to the abstract expressionists. Still, I loved the processes of photography as much or more than painting, and perhaps a little inspired by David Hockney, I refused to give them up. Continue reading

Monday, May 9 — Photo Contest: “Flowers”

A slideshow set to music will display the member-submitted entries. Following the show, the three top images in each category (Novice, Regular, and Master) will be revealed, along with the most favorite images as selected by the members.

After having just completed the Johnson’s Nursery Photo shoot it will be very interesting to see all the angles,  lenses, and settings used for these beautiful flowers.

As Kathleen Clemons, a known Flower Photographer and teacher once  said

“I wish to make the flowers dance”