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May 10th – I Can Do (on my phone) What You Can Do in PS and Lr Better by LoisAnn Shannon

Cookeville Camera Club member, LoisAnn Shannon will give a presentation during May’s club meeting. Our meeting will be held at Stonecom, One Stonecom Way, Cookeville.

LoisAnn Shannon is a photographer based in Chattanooga TN. She has years of experience shooting local ballet, theater, and opera performances. LoisAnn is also a digital artist who loves to take photos of nature and local attractions. She enjoys traveling and snapping photos of her various adventures.

In her spare time, LoisAnn loves to be “by the water”, whether it’s swimming at the beach, relaxing at a lake, or rowing on the river. LoisAnn is also a fan of opera and ballet, and has enjoyed practicing and performing ballet for several years. LoisAnn enjoys classical music, and played cello in the Chattanooga Community Orchestra for four years.

It is said that THE BEST camera is the one you have with you and more often than not, it’s the camera  you have in your pocket or purse. Today, using editing apps, not only can one take good camera phone photos, they can be edited on the spot and posted on location. There’s something very satisfying about taking shots and editing them before you even leave the location, rather than getting home with a few hundred photos to cull, edit and post [which often doesn’t happen]. Using phone apps, beginning with Snapseed, we will discover that many common tasks often accomplished in Photoshop can be done on one’s phone [sometimes more easily and with fewer steps]. Hence the title, “I Can Do (on my phone) What You Can Do in PS and Lr Better”.

Monday, May 10 – Contest – Water

Members can submit any image associate with “Water” for this contest. This includes but not limited to, still water (ex lakes), running water (ex streams, waterfalls), or frozen water (any form of ice).

A presentation will be given by club member Lois Ann Shannon.

The meeting will be held at Stonecom. Address is 1 Stonecom Way, just of Old Sparta Rd.

Arrive early to socialize. Meeting starts at 7.

Photo Exhibition

Members will submit their favorite images to share with the club. This is our members’ chance to show off what they’ve been working on lately! The exhibitions have become a member favorite activity. A slideshow set to music will display the member-submitted entries, and discussion will follow the slideshow.

Sat, April 17-Johnson’s Photo Shoot

Annual photo shoot held at Johnson’s Nursery at 1717 E. Spring Street, Cookeville. We prefer to shoot before they open, so please be there at 7:00 am and prepare to shoot until 9:00am. Please park on the side of building.

A tripod is recommended and black or white poster board to use behind plants or flowers. Be as creative and take as many photos as you wish.

April 12 – Adaptive Light by Ron Baker/Photo Art

We will be visiting Ron’s Studio and Art Gallery – PhotoArt, located at 31W Spring Street for a presentation which begins at 6:30pm. Please observe Covid 19 precautions when visiting the studio. Masks must be worn in the studio and we will practice social distancing. Parking is in rear of building.

Ron Baker, is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience. He is also involved with all aspects of fine art. Ron has a BFA from Miami University, Oxford, OH in drawing/painting, graphic design, photography and an acquired wealth of professional experiences.

Ron developed a vision that would effectively bring it all together under one roof. His passions for art, photography and sharing knowledge is what PhotoArt is all about.

April 6-29th Photo Exhibition at Cookeville Art Studio and Gallery

The annual Cookeville Camera Club photography exhibition returns to Cookeville Art Studio in April. The exhibition begins on Tuesday, April 6 and runs through Thursday, April 29. 

The studio is located at 186A South Walnut Street in Cookeville and the hours are 12 to 4 pm, Monday through Saturday.  Please stop by anytime in April, but we would really enjoy seeing you at our opening reception on  Sunday, April 11th from 1-4 pm. 

March 8th PHOTO CONTEST – Print Contest

The club is having our third print competition on March 9th at 7PM.  The competition is divided into four categories. The first three categories are allotted based on the experience level of the members. The fourth category (Salon Prints) allows the members maximum flexibility in producing their images. Contest is for members only. The club will be viewing the prints, see the awarding of ribbons and hear judge comments on the winning images.  There will be a short program on the LightRoom Development module while the judges evaluate the images.

Please sign up on the Events page if you plan to enter the print contest. Members were sent an email with contest details. Please bring prints to the meeting. We will use outside judges as we have on past print contests.

Christmas Forest Exhibit Nov 28-Jan 2

Visitor stops to admire CCC tree at 2019 opening reception

Browse through a festive display of Christmas trees Nov. 28-Jan. 2 at the Cookeville History Museum’s fifth annual Christmas Forest exhibit. See it any time the museum is open, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.  Also, enjoy learning about the various community clubs and organizations that decorate each tree. Admission is free.

CCC member Ron Anderson and wife visit the 2019 exhibit

Cookeville History Museum

40 East Broad

Cookeville, TN 38501

Phone 931-520-5455

Fourth Annual Christmas Forest Exhibit – December 14 – January 4

CCC tree 2018

The Cookeville History Museum is hosting it’s fourth-annual Christmas Forest exhibit.  It is an exhibit of Christmas trees decorated by various nonprofit organizations in the Cookeville area.  Cookeville Camera Club will display a tree featuring photos and handmade ornaments.  This is our 3rd year as an exhibitor.  This exhibit is on display through Jan 4.

The exhibit kicks off with an opening reception on Saturday, December 14th from 10am -12 noon, with hot cider and Christmas goodies! Please come and bring your family and friends.

CCC tree 2018

Museum Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 10-4


Cookeville History Museum

49 East Broad St. Cookeville

(931) 520-5455

The Grand Tetons – A Photographer’s Paradise

By Gary Moore


Gary Moore head shot
Gary Moore

The Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming lies just south of the more famous Yellowstone Park. It contains the Teton mountains, a spectacular range with snow covered Peaks that dramatically rise above the Jackson Hole Valley. There is a chain of natural, clear water lakes along the east flank of the peaks and beyond the lakes the Snake River flows through grassy plains that host herds of bison and antelope. Any vacation to Yellowstone definitely should include some time in the Tetons. This combination of a majestic

The Grand Tetons Highest Peak – 13,770 ft

mountain range, beautiful lakes, wildlife and in the spring, an abundance of wildflowers make the Tetons a photographer’s paradise.

The newer cell phones and small “point and shoot” camera are capable of some amazing photographs and may be all you need to capture the beauty of the Park, but remember whether you are using a cell phone or a professional quality camera and lens, it is the person behind the lens holding the camera that creates the really good photos. Continue reading

Color vs Black and White Photography


by Roland Pearson

The first black and white photograph was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826.  During the 19th Century, photographs were almost exclusively black and white or sepia tone.  Color photographs, which were originally produced by hand tinting black and white photographs, did not become common until the 1930’s (100 years later).  The advent of digital imaging with its low cost and ease of use, helped cement color as the dominant photographic form today.  Black and white images, however, continue to be produced, particularly by advanced hobbyist and art photographers.

My love of Black and white photography was inspired by the work of legendary photographers like Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edward Weston, Dorothea Lange, Alfred Stieglitz and Richard Avedon.  I n Later on, I had the opportunity to view some of Ansel Adams original photographs on display at New York at galleries and in the offices of the Sierra Club in Washington DC.  Ansel Adam’s work can be viewed at Continue reading