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Hong Kong – Where East Meets West

By Walt Carlson


Walt CarlsonHong Kong, a city I never expected to visit; but, one that I can’t believe I had a chance to go.

Victoria’s Peak is the highest point in Hong Kong with breathtaking views of the city, especially after dark.  The iconic Big Buddha sits on a mountaintop in an area accessible by sky gondola, bus, or an all-day hike to the top while cows can be found roaming free in the gardens at the base of the site.Many locals Big Buddhatravel by ferry on weekends and holidays to visit the nearby fishing village islands where they select their dinner from the open-air fish market.  The meal is then prepared at the restaurant next door and ready to eat approximately 30 minutes later, served on large lazy Susan tables which are typical of Chinese dining. Continue reading

The Best Ways to Use Drones in Photography

HeadShot300x450By Steve Kuss

Drones are one of those new technologies that can be an indispensable tool, a toy, a photographer’s dream, or perhaps the latest scourge unleashed by your neighbor. New models seem to come on the market weekly, each with a whirlwind of specifications, making an intelligent purchase decision nearly impossible. If one is purchased, the buyer becomes the neighborhood whiz kid, or the purveyor of all that is evil in the world.

 Drones come in all shapes, sizes and costs. Some areGOPR3689-Pano-2 just for sport. They exist purely for the fun of piloting an aircraft by remote control. Others are built for speed. They have motors, so there is a huge group of people involved in racing the beasts. Then there are those used in law enforcement, mostly in the search and rescue sector. Contractors, farmers and surveyors use them with infrared sensors for incredibly detailed mapping applications. While drones are most known for shooting video, they take still shots as well. As such, they make a nice transition vehicle for the casual photographer looking to start shooting video. Many women are helping to lead the charge. ( There are even Facebook groups devoted to drone photography. Continue reading The Best Ways to Use Drones in Photography

Saturday, April 22nd Storyfest

Please join us at Dogwood Park for Storyfest on April 22, 2017.  Storyfest is an annual event sponsored by the Cookevillestoryfest History Museum featuring many talented storytellers performing throughout the day. A large tent with plenty of seating is available for you to come by and listen to their tales.  Cookeville Camera Club will be part of the Artist Alley from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, newly added this year along with food trucks.  We will have note cards for you to send to your family and friends for special occasions. We have many  different types of images available, so you will be able to find the perfect card for any occasion. Our images range from local landmarks to flowers, landscapes, travel photos, humming birds, other animals and many more.  Look for our sign! Please invite your family and friends to stop by any time throughout the day.

*In case of a rain out, the event will be moved to the  the Christian Life Center at the First United Methodist Church. We will ONLY use this plan in case of a TOTAL rain out.

Are We There Yet?

 leannBy Leann Walker

“Are we there yet? How much longer? I am BORED!” These are all common phrases heard by most parents on any car trip longer than 30 minutes. While we commonly think that this is something that only children do, at a recent camera club meeting I felt like I was in that car with some of my fellow photographers. Phrases of “I hate winter… my images are so bland, It’s too cold outside; there’s nothing for me to photograph, I’m so tired of shooting the same old stuff!” These comments took me back to the days of creatively entertaining my three daughters on a road trip. I felt like there had to be a way to be creative and inspire others during a magical time of year – Christmas.

While obviously not my creation, an internet search revealed a 365 photo-a-day project as well as a photo of the month project. These projects presented a topic or subject to be captured each day and received a new subject the next day. The subjects presented were so simple or so common and with very little creative thought; I felt like our new members were craving knowledge as well as inspiration. Armed with a slew of ideas from different photo-a-day programs, my plan was born. I decided to create and implement the “31 Days of Christmas.” With input from the board of directors and Camera Club President, Helga Skinner the project came to life. Each day was to be a different theme. There were no rules, except to be creative and look at the topic through the eyes of a photographer. The topics were very broad such as “together” or “looking up” to allow maximum creative exploration but there were also educational topics such as bokeh (intentionally adding blur to a background or image), macros or close-ups, landscapes and reflections.

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How to Take Pictures of Sandhill Cranes

By Wanda Krack

author imageWhen you hear the ‘honk, honk’ of high flying birds, and see birds flying in a V formation, you might think “there goes the Canadian Geese”.  The high flyers will most likely be Sandhill Cranes, either returning to their wintering ground just north of Chattanooga, or flying North to their m ating grounds.   It is estimated that between 15,000 and 20,000 Sandhill cranes spend around two months in the Hiwassee Wildlife Refuge in Eastern Tennessee.  The refuge is located on about 6,000 acres of land, around the confluence of the Tennessee and Hiwassee Rivers, north of Chattanooga, near the town of Birchwood, Tennessee.  Birds come to the Hiwassee Refuge because of the combination of shallow water feeding and roosting habitat, with wet grasslands, marshes, and grain fields.  They are omnivorous animals, eating seeds, berries, cultivated grains, insects and small mammals.  The Tennessee Wildlife Resource agency encourages their yearly return by planting corn and other grains in the fields around the area. As a photographer it’s exciting to hear the cranes fling overhead and to know they will be available for a couple of months for picture taking.

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