Backyard Photography

By Helga Skinner

Two years ago I entered a contest and won with my Hummingbird landing on a branch in my backyard.  It had its tongue hanging out. It ended up in the” Natures Best Photography” Magazine in the best backyards section.

A backyard can become a very fascinating place if one looks at it from many different directions.  Sometimes I move my camera while taking the picture, creating a sense of mystery and motion. Other times I print my image on cotton or blend fabric, and then add batting and quilt it. Stitching with metallic threads by machine creates another look of dimension. I use software to enhance my images at times but am still learning.  I give presentations on this technique as well as other topics.

I have been a member of  the Cookeville Camera Club for four years, serving as President and board member, and have led some of our annual events.  Bill Miller, another member, has taught many classes and hands on workshops in which I participated.  He taught me how to use my camera more effectively and how to photograph better images.

We also share things with each other about using photo software such as Lightroom and Photoshop.

The Cookeville Camera Club meets the second Monday of every month at The First  Presbyterian Church, 20 N Dixie in Cookeville and  welcomes all who wish to join us.