Monday, August 24 — Speaker, Bill Campbell”

BMC-20141206-_1250785Expressing Your Photographic Creativity Without Software”.  “In this day and age of ‘Photoshop’ enhanced images, wouldn’t it be nice to say, ‘No, I captured this image with my camera!’   Come and learn ways to use the creativity built into your own camera and also how to use filters, shutter speeds, external lighting, zoom lenses and multiple exposures to create fine art with your camera before it is ever imported into image management software!”


Capturing the natural world in images is a passion that has driven Bill Campbell to photograph since he was very young. Believing that images can inspire others to understand and respect the fragile nature of our world, his mission has been to weave together elements of the beauty of our planet to represent the splendor of our temporary home.  Bill feels that the ability to see, capture and share BMC_20111028_DSC3666this majesty of life is a gift and hopes to continue using this gift to open eyes and hearts to the beauty that surrounds us until his dying days.

As a nationally recognized and award winning nature photographer, Bill’s credits include magazines such as Outdoor Photographer, Birders World, Backpacker, PCPhoto and various others. Clients include the National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife, Defenders of Wildlife and Nikon.  His first book, The Smoky Mountain Photographer’s Guide, has been a best seller since 2004 and his second book, Cumberland Odyssey, was released in October 2010.

Bill is a Past President of the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA), the largest association of nature photographers in the world. He is also a member of the American Society of Media Photographers and the Wilderness Medical Society. Besides being a nature photographer, he practiced Emergency Medicine for 15 years after 6 years as a family physician. He now concentrates his medical expertise in wilderness medicine as this combines his nature photography career along with this expertise in wilderness medicine. He is part of the Appalachian Mountain Rescue Team, the Blount County Rescue Squad Backcountry SAR team, and the Obed SAR volunteers. His photography and other workshop opportunities can be viewed at