Monday, June 13 — No Regular Meeting (Club Picnic for members)

We will have our club picnic and photo shoot  from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The club will supply the hot dogs and hamburgers, and we ask all members to bring a dish. The plans are to grill the meat ! You will need to bring seating !  Bring your cameras and tripods for photo opportunities of all kinds!!

Members: Go to “Events” on our web page and sign up.  There is additional information there about the picnic.

2 thoughts on “Monday, June 13 — No Regular Meeting (Club Picnic for members)”

    1. Lisa you. An only sign up if you are a member for this meeting, but I just emailed you to let you know you are welcome but u will need to sign up that night because it’s for members only.
      We would love to have you join

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