My Camera Does Not Focus

I just discovered you while looking for camera repair in Cookeville. You have AMAZING pictures on your site! Wow! Can you point me to help for my Canon Rebel T3? It tries to auto-focus but never looks quite sharp through the view window and often isn’t once dumped from the camera. I’ve had it for a over a year and this is a new thing, but I confess, I’m still very new to the camera! I did try cleaning the contacts and formatting. Thank you for any help you can offer me!

D Petree

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  1. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for contacting us, and for finding us on the web.

    As for your focusing issue, there could be a number of possibilities.

    There is an often-unseen dial on most DSLR cameras near the viewfinder. It is a diopter adjustment that allows the user to set the focus on the viewfinder. As everyone’s eyes are different, adjusting this dial can do wonders.

    The number one problem with fuzzy focus after the images are downloaded to a computer is “camera shake” — the inability of anyone to hold a camera rock solid. There are ways to reduce this problem, but not completely eliminate it, short of using a tripod. There are other related factors, such as shutter speed, but not knowing if you always shoot in auto mode, I don’t know if this is a problem. Camera shake effects are worse with slower shutter speeds, and auto mode may often select a slow shutter speed.

    Another possible issue has to do with “focus points”. Not knowing your settings, it is possible that a live focus point is looking at an area in your scene different from the subject you are interested in.

    These are three possible issues that come to mind. You could be experiencing one, two, or all three of them. Or, your camera and/or lens could have a problem, but this is usually NOT the case, unless the camera has been dropped.

    Bill Miller

  2. It was the first problem that you suggested! What a relief! You’ve made my day!!! (And I learned about another function on my camera 🙂 — Thank you!

    D Petree

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