Photo slice by Wanda Krack

Tennessee: A Photographers Dream

By Wanda Krack

There are many reasons I enjoy living in Tennessee and one of them is because we have very distinct seasons.taken in Tennessee

 The spring is a photographers paradise. In spring, we have many “bloomers” of flowers of many kinds, including even the trees!  Take photos of flowers in your yard, or anywhere.

 In summer we have more ‘bloomers’ and garden vegetables galore, big fruits like apples and pears ripening, plus plentiful berries of all kinds and water ways to enjoy. In the summer we also have   the Milky Way returning to the night sky, to really enjoy some amazing nighttime photography.

  In autumn, the color is ever changing and often times brilliant. Often with cooler temperatures and less humidity, it’s a wonderful time to get out with a camera for amazing leaf photos of reds and yellows and orange.

  In winter, we have snows, rain and frosty mornings. Don’t put your camera away just because it’s cold.. Winter also gives the photographer a chance to take still some shots of dramatic skies and unusual weather.

 Each of these seasons give photographers  a  huge palate to work from.  Having a few months of each season is such a delight!  Grab that camera and go out into the natural world and enjoy making some pictures that can last a lifetime of enjoyment!

Wanda is a member of The Cookeville Camera Club, which welcomes visitors, guests, and new members all seasons of the year.  Check us out at  Meetings are held at the First Presbyterian   Church in Cookeville, the second Monday of the month.  Schedule and meeting topics will be listed online.