Where can I get my camera repaired?

I have dropped my camera and am pretty sure I lost the built in lens without knowing it. Won’t focus correctly. Still takes pictures but up close , the edges are rounded. Do you know anyone local who can fix it?
Thanks in advance

One thought on “Where can I get my camera repaired?”

  1. This post is representative of the number 1, all-time, most popular question that gets asked.

    First, I am not aware of any camera repair facility in Cookeville, or in Tennessee for that matter. If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know.

    Second, try to make sure your camera is really broken. Dropping a camera leaves little room for doubt, but some problems with cameras “not working” are a function of user misunderstandings about a myriad of possible camera settings.

    With the sophistication of today’s digital cameras, I suggest going to the camera manufacturer’s website and finding information about their repair facilities. There are also third party camera repair companies such as Peachtree Camera Repair (www.peachtreecamerarepair.com). In any event, you will need to plan to send your camera in for repair.

    I have used both Nikon and Peachtree on occasion, and have been pleased with the repair results, if not the costs.

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