fall photo

A Christmas Gift

By Rebecca Perron

Five years ago I did not know one thing about photography. I received my first DSLR camera a Christmas gift which I did not even know how to turn on let alone using it.  A co-worker introduced me to the Cookeville Camera Club. I began going to the monthly on a regular basis. This started me on my journey into the creative world of photography.

In 2014, I joined the Cookeville Camera Club and took my first hands-on class. This class taught me how to use the basic settings of my camera through a hands-on assignment. This class also gave me an introduction to the terminology of photography. Photographers have their own language. I had no prior knowledge of what aperture, ISO or depth of field is was or meant.

I was a quiet member for the first few years, just sitting in the back and listening to everyone. To me, this was the way I learned. One of the members started talking to me and liked one of my photos and that was it. Wanda Krack became a constant mentor in my life as a photographer. Having a mentor like Wanda who is open and honest on my professional journey is so important. She encourages and participates in my art.

Photographers of all interests and levels are welcomed at the monthly meeting of the Cookeville Camera Club which takes place on the second Monday of every month. They are encouraged to build on their crafts by participating in photography contests that are divided by three skill levels: novice, regular and master. Every photo is judged. Sometimes judging is a hard thing to accept but it is necessary. You must be open to advice if you want to hone in your skill.

Twice a month, Wanda and I go scouting places to shoot in Middle Tennessee. I love being a landscape photographer. I have also started a small business in boudoir photography.

My journey as a photographer has been full of trial and error. I hope that it stays that way. This gives me room to grow and craft my skill. It is a big world. There is a lot to explore through the lens.