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Saturday, March 25 — Rock Island State Park Photo Field Trip

Rock Island State Park is an 883 acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins and Rocky Rivers. The rugged beauty of Twin Fallsthe park includes the Caney Fork Gorge below Great Falls Dam. These overlooks are some of the most scenic and significant along the Eastern Highland Rim. Great Falls is a 30 foot horseshoe cascading waterfall, located below the 19th century cotton textile mill that it powered over 100 years ago. Rock Island became a Tennessee State Park in 1969.

Watering Holes
Watering Holes

The Caney Fork River Gorge contains scenic overlooks, waterfalls, deep pools and limestone paths perfect for hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking and exploring. The park’s whitewater sections attract professional freestyle kayakers from around the world. It also features a natural sand beach and boating access on Center Hill Lake.


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Saturday, February 18 — Virgin Falls Photo Field Trip

Virgin Falls
Virgin Falls

The club’s first scheduled photo field trip is to Virgin Falls, the best local waterfall that you may not have visited.  Why?  Virgin Falls is a 4+ mile hike downhill to get there, and of course, there’s the climb back out.

Virgin Falls is interesting as the water that feeds the falls flows out of a cave, and after the fall, it immediately flows into another cave.  Although quite impressive itself, there are many other photogenic spots along the trail.

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Through the Lens: “Cookeville Then and Now”

See the changes from early Cookeville images to today’s as members of the Cookeville Camera Club reshoot the locations of yesteryear’s photos.  Some buildings are changed, others replaced with newer structures . . . and it’s all documented this year as photographers give their view of how an why they shot the way they did.  Admission to the museum is free.

Thursday, March 31 — Annual Camera Club Photography Exhibition

The annual Cookeville Camera Club photography exhibition at the Cumberland Art Society begins later this month!  Please stop by anytime between March 31 and April 22, but we would really enjoy seeing you at our reception on Sunday, April 3rd.  There will be refreshments and many of the photographers will be there to greet you.

Come vote for your favorite images!

All the exhibition details are on poster below.


2016 CAS Poster (1200)

Getting Started in Photography

Do you want to go beyond taking snapshots?  Check out the new introductory course beginning on Saturday, March 5.  Click on the INFORMATION for course details and to register.

Update: As of Feb 14th, the class is full!  THANKS, we appreciate the level of interest showed by the community.

Monday, February 8 — “Snow Photo Gallery”

Speaking of blizzards, the MEETING IS CANCELLED tonight.  The slideshow will be presented at the Feb 22 meting.

The Blizzard of 2016 has come and gone, but it will live on in pictures.  Club members are invited to submit up to five images (perhaps more) from the storm, and they will be presented in a slideshow with music.  Like a contest, the membership will vote on their favorite images, but there will be no judging and scoring.

November 20-22 — Santa’s Workshop

Come see us in Booth #1!

For the first time, the Cookeville Camera Club will be participating in Santa’s Workshop held every year at  Hyder-Burks Agricultural Pavilion.

Eight club members will be offering original photographs from a number of locations.  In addition, the popular note cards sold at Fall Fun Fest will also be available.

click on the image to enlarge
click on the image to enlarge

Affordable, original art is a good gift to yourself or to friends and family.  Some prints will be framed for immediate hanging.

Note cards, actually requiring a stamp and delivered by the US Postal Service may seem old-fashioned in this day of instant texting. Imagine, however, the the joy of a person near to you receiving a personal Christmas greeting, a “thank you”, an invitation, or just a message of love inside of a beautiful photograph.

We look forward to seeing you at the Cookeville Camera Club booth at Santa’s Workshop.  Our elves have been busy!

Monday, November 9 — Contest: “Bridges / Railroad Trestles”

Bridges/Railroad Trestles: Framed structures made from wood or metal which allow people or vehicles to cross obstacles such as roads, rivers, or valleys.

A slideshow set to music will display the member-submitted entries. Following the show, the three top images in each category (Novice, Regular, and Master) will be revealed, along with the most favorite images as selected by the members.

The banner image is a photograph by Bill Miller of the bridge crossing the Rio Grande river and gorge, just north and west of Taos, NM.