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Photograph What You Love

by Kathy Krant

headshotI first attended a meeting of the Cookeville Camera Club in 2013. Eagerness to meet new people with similar interests, and owning a digital camera that I never really got around to learning, were my motivations. From my first visit, I was encouraged to join classes and attend photo events with other members where we shared ideas and learned ways to improve our photographic skills.

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Exploring Nature Reveals Inner Photographer

TerriBy Terrie VanCuren

When I moved away from my family in south eastern Ohio, and came here to Tennessee I found this area to be the most beautiful and enchanting place. I wanted to share it with my friends and family back home, so I went out with my little camera and did my best to capture some of that beauty and send it back to them so they could see just why I fell in love with this area. I shared my photos with anyone and everyone. Over time folks started telling me that I had an eye for it or that I was able to show them something in a way they hadn’t seen before. It made me feel proud and I loved it so I just kept on.

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Photography: Learning New Skills For Fun And Profit

Sheila RichBy Sheila Rich

I joined the Cookeville Camera Club three years ago and it opened up a whole new world for me. I had purchased a new camera and didn’t understand what it could do, but the club had a class that helped immensely. Most of the class participants had DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras and I didn’t, but the members were very eager and willing to help me with my particular low-end camera. There continues to be an attitude of helping other members improve their photography, whether it be lighting, composition, or editing. This has been invaluable to me as the owner-designer of a small web design company.

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by Wanda Krack

When you go on a trip or take a vacation this year, along with taking pictures of family and friends, don’t forget to keep an eye out for nice landscape shots. Here are just a few of the many hints about taking
landscape pictures.Sunset

Notice what the sky looks like. Usually early morning or late afternoon will give you the best lighting and
colors for landscapes, especially when the sky has color. On the other hand, big, fluffy white clouds look
good in scenic pictures also. Try not to get the sun in the picture except for about an hour after sunrise and an hour or less before sunset. Bright sun can damage the sensor inside your camera. Some of the most dramatic scenic images are taken just before or just after stormy weather. If you have a ‘blah’ sky, consider either not including the sky in the image, or just catch a little of the sky. For waterfall pictures, you might consider how much sunlight is on the water and use a polarizer filter on the lens to help prevent overexposure and reduce the water’s glare. A polarizer can also darken the blue of the sky. To be most effective, the polarizer needs to be at a 45 to 80 degree angle from the sun. Circular polarizers must be turned until you obtain the look you want. Point and shoot cameras should have a setting such as water, or waterfalls that helps. Continue reading

Photography in Three Parts

by Steven Kuss

Winter Landscape Panorama
Winter Landscape Panorama

I would say there are three parts to photography: learning about photography, photography tools, and actually taking (or perhaps making) photographs. There is, of course, no end to all of this. A Google search, even one limited to just YouTube, will yield more content than one could consume in a lifetime. If you were to expand that search to include text articles as well as videos from other sources, you would quickly move into a multiple lifetimes zone. So, I thought I would offer up some of the photography resources I use the most, which hopefully you’ll find more helpful than a blind Google search.

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Tips for Pet Photography

By Sherry Spivey

panzer fall aEveryone loves pictures of their pets. Flip through any phone, click on any computer, or look through any photo album and you’ll see pictures of dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, and pot-bellied pigs.  We display many of our pet photos in our home right next to our beloved family members. Pets are family too! And just like human portraits, great photographs of your pets start with a little preparation.

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Snapshot or Photograph – Learning the Difference

By Bill Miller

What is the difference between a “snapshot” and a “photograph”? They are both pictures taken by a camera, but how do they differ and why is the difference important?

A snapshot is represented by variety of different types of pictures: those found on your driver’s license and passport; pictures taken at a birthday party, of a cool location being visited to show you were there, or perhaps of your pet being cute. Now, the most famous of all types of snapshots is the ubiquitous “selfie”. Snapshots are worthwhile; they document people, places, things, and events. Virtually anyone with a camera takes snapshots, and it is fun.

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Everyone Has a Camera; Use It Correctly

By Les Milligan

Everywhere you go you see iPhones galore. It seems everyone over the age of 10 has one and they are all taking pictures with them. It is a great way to share experiences with friends and family as well as the world.

This is a new phase of photography that is fast becoming the source of the majority of images taken. It’s easy and everyone can do it, so why not capture the moment.

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