Monday – April 10th – Speaker

An Introduction to Composition in Photography

Roland Pearson

Roland will present an overview of the use of composition in photography.

Composition is one of the main elements, along with subject selection, lighting, exposure, and focus, needed to produce successful
images. He will discuss many composition guidelines/rules that can be considered when making and processing images. The guidelines will be demonstrated by showing successful images developed for each guideline discussed.

The objective of the presentation is to provide you with an understanding of the many composition factors that can be considered when taking an image, so that you can select the guidelines that best fit
your style and the subject at hand.

Roland’s love for photography started in the early 70s when he purchased a used Minolta SRT-101 at a yard sale. Within a year, he had set up a makeshift darkroom in a small powder room in his home.
He joined a newly formed camera club in Waterford, Connecticut, and enjoyed the monthly programs and slide/print competitions. He became the president of the club for a couple of years and organized a
slide show exchange with the camera club in Waterford, Ireland.

The highlight of each year in Connecticut was the New England camera clubs’ get-together weekend at Amherst College. As his experience progressed, he transitioned from 35mm to medium format and then to large format cameras (4×5). When building a new home, he included a full-size darkroom and spent many tranquil evenings in the dim glow of safety lights developing film and prints.

While working in the Washington DC area, he was able to view a large selection of classic photographic images at DC museums, including Ansel Adams prints that were on continuous display at the Sierra Club headquarters. On retirement, he planned to continue with his love of large format and darkroom work. However, the digital photography revolution occurred. While missing the leisurely pace of large format photography and darkroom work, digital has opened up a whole new area of photography for him to learn and enjoy.Photography is a never-ending learning experience, coupled with the continuing desire to improve one’s skills. This is linked with the “need” (i.e., excuse) to expand one’s photographic “equipment” (i.e., toys). He joined the Cookeville Camera Club in 2013, and being associated with the club and its members has been a continuing joy for him.

Location of the meeting is Cookeville Art Studio and Gallery at 186 S Walnut Ave, Ste a, Cookeville, TN 38501. Meeting starts at 7pm. Come early so we can get to know you better