Mountains fog

MONDAY, April 13th – Speaker: Roger Trentham – Cancelled

Roger Trentham Nature Photography
Spring in the Smokies:
Photographic Locations and Techniques
by Roger Trentham of the Smoky Mountain School of Photography
Few places can rival the diversity of Spring in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The forest begins to awaken from it’s Winter slumber in late March through April and comes to a full blown eruption of wildflowers in mid to late April.  Various trilliums, jack-in-the pulpit, fringed phacilia, wild geranium, dwarf crested iris and many others carpet the forest floor. 
Ferns emerge among the freshly green mosses and mountain streams are in full flow.  Incredible sunrises and sunsets erupt from the highest mountains in the Smokies.   So many subjects, so little time.
For this program, I present Spring in the mountains as someone who knows these mountains like few others.  My family has lived here for generations and I continually scout the best locations to make the best wildflower, sunrise/sunset and mountain stream photography the Smokies have to offer.  Allow me a little time to share the beauty of the Smokies in Spring with you and maybe we’ll both learn a little more about photographing this wonderful wilderness.