Monday August 14-Speaker

Arik Gorban – “Creating a Personal Photography Project”

One of the best ways to get creative, develop your photography, and

share your pictures is by working on a personal photography project. It’s a great way to keep yourself inspired and produce pictures that express your interpretation of the scenes and subjects that you’re passionate about. Unlike photographing and sharing individual images, a project allows you to create a consistent body of work that builds up an idea or a story.

In this presentation, Arik discusses the elements of a photography project and how to embark on one, whether it’s a day-long project or one that takes weeks or months to complete. The presentation covers the steps from ideation all the way to project completion with a collection of images that can be used in a book, a presentation, and/or a photo exhibit. Arik shares the actual project plans of two of his photography projects and discusses how the plans evolved from the initial ideas to detailed project definitions, once each project started.

Arik Gorban – Bio

Arik, a past president of the Somerset County Photography Club, is a photographer and photography instructor who focuses on the creative aspects of the photographic art form.

He has experience in the complete photographic process, including analog photography, darkroom work, and extensive digital imaging.

He frequently judges photo contests, including multiple international Salon competitions and juried exhibitions. Arik presents photography programs internationally and exhibits his fine art photography. He also photographs events and conducts photography workshops.

Arik is the recipient of numerous awards in photo contests and his work and articles have been published in the US and internationally.

Meeting will be at The Cookeville Art studio and Gallery

186 S Walnut Ave Ste A, Cookeville, TN 38501

Arrive early to socialize. Meeting starts at 7.

Zoom access will also be provided.