Monday, August 9th Meeting – Composite Images

Producing a composite image is the process of combining two or more images into a single unified image where the images are seamlessly blended together.

The basics of creating a composite will be covered, via video tutorials, including: 1) use of layers in Photoshop 2) image selections based on lighting direct, temperature and point of view, and 3) Photoshop blending modes. Club member, Steve Kuss, will address attendee’s questions at the end of the video presentations.

A simple example of a composite image is a portrait of a large family gathering where no single images capture all the family members with their eyes open. A composite image, by selecting portions of the multiple images, can produce a desired family portrait where all member have their eyes open.

More complex composite images can create complete fantasy worlds.

The Aug meeting will be held at 7pm at the First Presbyterian Church (second floor meeting room) 20 N. Dixie Ave. Cookeville.