Monday, July 25 — Speaker: Dusty Doddridge

Chasing the Light: The Art and Adventure of Wilderness Photography


dd_20110629_2085_master_1 Dusty brings a unique perspective to the world of wilderness photography that comes from his background in outdoor adventure, sports, and travel. He continues to be inspired by the work of many photographers past and present including David Muench, Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe and artists working in different media. The landscape itself, especially wild areas are what inspire him most and photography provides a way to share some of that experience with others. His artistic vision involves photographing areas that are wild and beautiful while expressing the surreal nature of the landscape with a sense of mystery and adventure.

dd_20151109_4543_masterConnecting with others has been a common thread throughout Dusty’s work life and he enjoys helping photographers achieve their artistic goals. He brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to field workshops and digital darkroom training and seeks to help his clients achieve stronger, more expressive photographs. He enjoys taking complex subjects and simplifying them into core principles in order to enhance the learning curve quickly and help clients develop creatively.