David Johnston

Landscape Photography

David Johnston is a renowned landscape, adventure, and humanitarian photographer and educator from the beautiful state of Tennessee.  Photographing incredible light and rarely seen moments are what drives David to keep capturing nature at its best.

When David is not shooting, he’s writing and teaching photography to the masses on his website and podcast called Photography Roundtable.  It’s his passion for spreading the joy of photography that helps him to continue to interview other professionals and deliver helpful tips for others to improve their skills.

Along with shooting landscapes and sharing photography knowledge on Photography Roundtable, David writes periodically for Dreamscapes as part of their landscape and wildlife photography team.  David is also a photography workshop leader, frequently leading visitors in his favorite park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, as well as other locations around the United States.

The Cookeville Camera Club meets at the First Presbyterian Church in Cookeville.  Visitors are always welcome.

**Note for CCC members:  the contest normally held in March will be held in April.