Monday, March 9th – Photo Contest – Print Contest

The club is having our second annual print competition on March 9th a 7PM.  The competition is divided into four categories. The first three categories are allotted based on the experience level of the members. The fourth category (Salon Prints) allows the members maximum flexibility in producing their images. The public is welcome to view the prints, see the awarding of ribbons and hear judge comments on the winning images.”  Gary Moore had this winning entry last year.  



4 thoughts on “Monday, March 9th – Photo Contest – Print Contest”

  1. So, if I am understanding this correctly………..masters category can enter a possible total of 6 images? Three in the large and three in the salon categories?

    How many total images can someone enter if they enter 3 in the medium size and three in the large size, a total of 6 images?

    Is the total number allowed per person 3?

  2. So, if folks can see this comment…………………3 entries in one of the 4 categories…………all 3 must be in the same category………can not enter in more than one category. I got the answer to my question today. Thank you, Roland

  3. Since I wrote the above statement, this has changed. See Roland’s last e-mail about the contest.

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