Monday, Sept 13 – Contest – Movement

For this contest members must submit an image showing movement. The images submitted by club members must indicate motion of the primary subject by showing a blur of the subject or background due to motion during the exposure.

During our standard contests, images are evaluated by three club members. For this competition, images will be judged and critiqued by an experienced representative from the Photographic Society of America (PSA).

Images will be uploaded to Photographic Society of America website for evaluations about 2 weeks prior to the completion.  During the evening of the competition, the PSA judge will appear via Zoom to present her critique of the images.

Members will submit their favorite images to share with the club. This is our members’ chance to show off what they’ve been working on lately! The exhibitions have become a member favorite activity. A slideshow set to music will display the member-submitted entries, and discussion will follow the slideshow. Images may be of any subject or from any time frame.

The meeting will be held at First Presbyterian Church, 20 N. Dixie Ave., Cookeville.