Winning Images from the Aug 12th Scavenger Hunt

Club Photo  Scavenger Hunt

The camera club conducted a scavenger hunt in Cookeville on the evening of Monday August 12th. The members were given 10 subjects to photograph between 6:30 and 8:15PM. It was an enjoyable photographic evening followed by a little desert at Cream City Ice Cream.

During the next two weeks, members processed their images and upload them to the club’s dropbox. Twelve members submitted a total of 106 images to the dropbox.

At the club meeting on Monday Sept 9th, members reviewed the scavenger hunt images and selected their favorite for each of the 10 subjects. Below are these people’s choice winners for each subject. Leann Walker and Tom Morack were tied for most votes overall for the  10 subjects.

Hope you enjoy the images. Try a photo scavenger hunt yourself.

Images are displayed by subject. 

Architecture by Sandy Miller
Bibycle by Leann Walker
Blue Hour by Steven Kuss


Chair By Helga Skinner


Church by Tom Morack
Flag by Leann Walker
Flag by Sandy Miller
Kids Playing by Geok Hwa Ventrice



Perspective by Vickie Ogle


Restaurant by GeokHwa Ventrice



Stairs by Tom Morack