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Monday, February 9 — Speaker, Ben Corda

“How To” Pointers for Black & White Photography

Ben CordaBen Corda is one of two university photographers for Tennessee Tech University. On an average day you might find him roaming campus to find the right candid shot or next Instagram post, in the studio, or tucked away in a dark office editing. He strives to tell the story of the university each day in each shoot.



When not at work, a camera is usually never far from Corda. He uses Instagram and film as a creative outlet and its far bencorda_0031 more likely to see him have retro looking Fuji then packing around multiple cases of DSLR gear. He is always seeking adventures and new experiences whether its food at a divey diner, a new city, hiking trail or when possible a new state or country.

Ben has a goal to visit all 50 states before turning 30. So far he has 35 under his belt. His work can be found in such publications as bencorda_000081USA Today, The New York Times and

Corda has a background in photojournalism and was a staff photographer in Louisiana for a Gannett newspaper, a job that he  accepted while finishing his degree in Journalism at Louisiana Tech University.